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Property Manager
Discover a wide range of virtual help that can handle whatever your business may need.
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"We're a big business and continuously growing well. Something that would've taken our on-site staff a couple of hours. Sheena can get it done in 40 minutes. That's amazing right there. It's saving us time, and she's able to get more done in the time that's allotted to her."

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The (Virtual) Future
of Business

From real estate to marketing, businesses face many challenges to reach the level of growth that they could achieve,

A variety of business owners said their top concerns were: 





Improved Efficiency



Better Profitability 



Creating Effective Communication

At BizVA we understand these priorities, and we're here to revolutionize the way you manage your properties. Our virtual staffing solutions empower you to achieve growth, enhance efficiency, boost profitability, and foster superior communication—all while reducing your operational overhead. Keep scrolling to discover how our services can help you unlock new possibilities in property management.

Understanding ROI

Leverage our ROI calculator to explore the scaleability of hiring medical virtual assistants.

Leverage our skills to create your scale

Delegating to our team could be the best business decision you make this year! 

Our clients report an average ROI of: 

Staffing Cost


Increased Productivity Efficiency

Revenue Growth Potential 

Per Virtual Assistant, per year!

Here are 10 tasks a VA could take off your plate NOW:

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Lease Management: Assist in drafting, reviewing, and renewing lease agreements, ensuring all necessary terms and conditions are met.

Website Enhancements: Streamline website UX, update imagery and language, and fix common site issues like broken links and buttons.

Email and Phone Management: Stay on top of customer or internal correspondence, send reminders, and handle any urgent communication needs.

Product Research: Coordinate maintenance requests, schedule repairs, and communicate with tenants and maintenance personnel to ensure timely resolution.


Competitor Analysis: Create accurate competitor reports, analyze trends, and do extensive research on similar businesses or products.

Vendor Management: Research and hire contractors, negotiate contracts, and oversee their work to maintain the property.

Expense Tracking: Keep track of business-related expenses, create monthly financial reports, and assist with budgeting.

Marketing and Advertising: Manage content for your product/property/service and create compelling animations and graphics in a quick turnaround time

Document Management: Organize and maintain digital records of leases, property documents, and important correspondence to ensure easy access and retrieval.

Order Processing: Process website orders, send order confirmations post checkout, and monitor product delivery from start to finish.

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We've got a 100+ more ways a BizVA VA can take tasks off your plate so you can focus on the highest and best use of your time and energy.  Want the full list?

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  • How will hiring our Business Virtual Assistants improve my bottom line?
    Our flat rate offers you up to 70% savings relative to the cost of an in-house employee once you factor in the minimum wage, payroll taxes, and cost of office space. When you work with BizVA’s Business Virtual Assistants, you will also avoid the significant legal liability that comes with hiring an in-house employee in certain states. Additionally, using a virtual business receptionist to answer your phone lines means that potential customers calling your company won’t go to another competitor simply because they could not reach you.
  • Does BizVA provide support once a Business Virtual Assistant is hired?
    We take great pride in successful client outcomes and providing world-class customer service. While the integration of a BizVA Business Virtual Assistant is seamless and clients rarely need to ask for our guidance, we are happy to provide any assistance you’d like. Our team has great expertise in how your office can best use your Business Virtual Assistants, and we are available to guide you with best practices during the Business Virtual Assistant onboarding process and beyond.
  • How do I train my BizVA Business Virtual Assistants and communicate with them virtually?
    To train your Business Virtual Assistant, we recommend using the recording feature on any private video-conferencing software such as Zoom or Skype. For ongoing communications, we recommend phone calls, texts, email, and video-conferencing as you see fit. If your office uses a traditional analog phone system, we recommend that your Business Virtual Assistants download an app onto their smartphone/personal computer that functions as an American phone number from which they can receive incoming phone calls or make outgoing phone calls using a phone number that can be linked to your company. If your office is using a VoIP/digital phone, your Business Virtual Assistant can simply download your VoIP/digital phone provider’s application onto their smartphone/computer and use it as an American phone number. We also recommend you provide your Business Virtual Assistant with an official email address from your company so that they can email your office staff, your customers, or other businesses as necessary.
  • How do I make sure my BizVA Business Virtual Assistant is working if I can’t see them in the office?
    We install sophisticated time-tracking software onto their computers. This software allows our internal staff to carefully monitor their web activity/mouse movement during work hours you’ve set for them to ensure they are being productive. We can provide you with summary activity reports from the time tracking software should you desire. Your Business Virtual Assistant only gets paid, and you only get charged, when they’re logged into the time-tracking software. Needless to say, we have high expectations of our Business Virtual Assistants in terms of reliability and performance. We vet for work ethic, and we expect our Business Virtual Assistants to be committed to delivering the performance you deserve every day.
  • What about security?
    At onboarding, our staff checks that their computer hardware and anti-virus software meet our specifications. Clients should have their Business Virtual Assistant(s) sign Business Associate Agreements. There is no need for our company itself to sign a BAA since we don’t have access to customer information. Our Business Virtual Assistants are located in the Philippines (except for Spanish-speaking virtual assistants available upon request who are located in South America), where many of the country’s citizens are employed by US companies, especially US-based companies. Since US companies and US-based companies are major employers in the Philippines and important to the Philippines’ economy, the Philippine government has passed strict laws prohibiting Philippine citizens from disclosing confidential information to make US companies feel secure doing business there. In particular, the Philippine government passed the Data Privacy Act of 2012 which provides coverage protection to US entities working with Philippine workers while severely punishing any Philippine citizens who intentionally compromise Information of US entities. Please see here for more information about the Data Privacy Act of 2012.
  • Given the time difference between the US and The Philippines, will my BizVA Business Virtual Assistant work my hours?
    Despite the time difference between the US and The Philippines, your Business Virtual Assistants will work your office hours or whatever hours you need them to work.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum amount of hours for a single Business Virtual Assistant? Is there an extra charge for overtime, night, or weekend coverage?
    Most clients generally have their Business Virtual Assistants work 40 hours per week. We ask that our clients employ their Business Virtual Assistants full-time. We find that the most talented/sought-after employees are looking for full-time employment of at least 40 hours per week; however, we also have some VAs that are open to part-time at a high hourly rate. In terms of a maximum, there is no hard-and-fast rule. Clients are welcome to ask their Business Virtual Assistants to work beyond 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week, within reason. As long as the Business Virtual Assistant is willing to work extra, which is true in most cases, that is fine with us. No matter how many hours your Business Virtual Assistant works, the rate remains the same.
  • How do I pay for my Business Virtual Assistant?
    The all-in cost for our Business Virtual Assistant services is at the agreed to hourly rate and that includes everything. There are no setup fees or other hidden costs that you’d have to pay BizVA. The fee is the same regardless of the tasks that your Business Virtual Assistant is doing. Clients will be charged twice a month for services rendered two weeks prior. Clients are charged via a credit card that is left on file.
  • Do labor laws apply?
    Since our Business Virtual Assistants do not live or work from within the United States, your local state and federal labor laws and employment protections do not legally apply. This means that you do not have any legal liability towards the Business Virtual Assistant and need not be worried about frivolous employment lawsuits, since the Business Virtual Assistants cannot sue you. However, clients are expected to treat their Business Virtual Assistants with dignity and respect. We encourage clients to give the Business Virtual Assistant two paid 15-minute breaks per day and an unpaid lunch break.
  • Will I work with the same person everyday?
    BizVA Business Virtual Assistants are fully dedicated to and specifically hired by your company. We encourage you to think of your Business Virtual Assistant as your employee for all intents and purposes. It’s going to be the same person every day. This allows the Business Virtual Assistant and the in-house staff to develop an ever-stronger work relationship and allows the Business Virtual Assistant to become a master of the company workflow.
  • How does your no-contract policy work? What if I want to change my Business Virtual Assistant or cancel this service?
    We are very confident that you’ll be happy with our services, but if for any reason it’s not working for your office, you can swap your Business Virtual Assistant or cancel the service altogether whenever you’d like. Our no-contract policy means that our company and our Business Virtual Assistants have to earn your business every day, which is the way we want it to be. Working with a BizVA virtual assistant is simply a no-risk situation.
  • How will the Business Virtual Assistant seamlessly answer my phones and call third parties on behalf of my office?
    Integrating business reception is seamless as we have seen it done time and again with our clients. By having your Business Virtual Assistant download a “digital phone app” (the fancy lingo for such an app is VoIP) on their smartphone and/or computer, your Business Virtual Assistant will have an American phone number from your local area code that will be linked to your company. This will allow the Business Virtual Assistant to perform receptionist duties, receive incoming and make outgoing calls and no one can tell the difference.
  • I would like to try this service out. How does the process of interviewing and selecting my Business Virtual Assistant work?
    Step 1: You tell us your needs. Step 2: We will send you an email with a number of candidates suited especially for your needs. The email will contain the resumes and one-minute video introductions of these candidates. Step 3: You are then welcome to interview the candidate(s) of your choosing and decide who to hire.

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You've explored this entire page. Now that you are equipped with more information about the power of virtual staffing, I personally invite you to set up a free consultation with our client account specialists to talk more about how this applies to your organization. 

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